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What's the point?

Do you ever ask yourself this question? What's the point of all this? You go to sleep knowing that tomorrow you'll likely go through the same routine again only to end up exactly where you are right now, in bed, thinking about what you should do tomorrow. Do you ever wonder if you could make anything more out of your life, anything more profound than this?

Do you ever wonder about the years that have gone by and years that are ahead and how fast do they go. Do you ever feel that anxiety which comes from knowing that you're already that much years old and still have so much you want to accomplish in life, but somehow you just don't know where to start and so the days, weeks, months and years go by while you just do what you have to do and keep planning, perpetually, the start of a better life.

Do you ever wonder, what's the point of all those conversations and relationships you have with people, all those pretenses, all those roles you play in front of them and roles they play in front of you. Do you ever wonder what's the point of using meaningless small talk merely to keep a conversation with a person instead of actually delving into an honest exploration of each other? Or what's the point of keeping that "professional detachment" from your boss and co-workers even though you feel you could be accomplishing so much more if you only had the guts to be yourself in front of them?

What's the point of living a life as if you truly are nothing but a machine, with an already predetermined path, with pleasure or pain as input signals, and expressions of happiness or sadness as output signals. Can you conjure up anything more out of your life? Even if these are the building blocks of who you ultimately are, couldn't you make an art out of these elements, out of your life? Couldn't you be the god of your own universe?

I feel like we've build a society of so many compartments that we each feel like slaves that forgot to breed. And it is only in our dark, calm moments that we remember to even want to breed, to truly grasp that elusive feeling of true freedom to be something that lives with full power and energy and that mindfully grasps every single particle that affects your senses.

The society is pointless if we are not brave enough to take down the barriers, to not only be different, but express those differences freely, no matter what, for life's sake. It is further pointless if we build on this mutual compartmentalization of each other, fear of each other, consequent desire to control each other in such ways to enslave each other, lessen each other, in the name of freedom and security, instead of unleashing, letting go and letting be.

We seem to be more often controlled by our own fears and anxieties than set free by our desire to flourish and power up. This is all wrong. All wrong.


Daniel Memetic



Re: What's the point?


Exactly, what is the point of this article, save espousing a universally shared opinion? It offers no answers in itself. One feels that answers are inferred by there being a question. There are no answers, merely exasperation of life being what it is. Can find that anywhere.

Re: What's the point?


My impression is that the universally shared opinion is that this being "life" is just fine, normal, and acceptable.

The implication here is that it is not fine. It is a cage we build for ourselves. I don't offer any concrete answers in this particular article, but just recognizing the cage for what it is constitutes a first step out of it.


Daniel Memetic

Re: What's the point?


Then do you later on offer answers for those who have stepped out of the cage? It is a bit of drab life once you do. For example, you find it quite difficult to 'fit in' or 'go with the flow', socialize.

I don't watch much television, rarely if ever read newspapers. I do manual labor because it is all I can afford being educated to do so far. Where I work, no one wants to work, yet they all go on about being a team. I served in the military and saw teamwork for real. Trust me, out 'in the world' there isn't anything like it.

Then you got all this self help, de-stress pseudo psych babel. since returning from the military I've read most if not all of Carlos Castanada's works, Richard Bach. Even read some modern stuff too, Mike Connelly, Eric Lustbader. I'm reading Perl, PHP, Linux books in order to try educating further. Meanwhile, the isolation and desolation keep hammering.

So you got the answers, Mr. Wizzard?

Re: What's the point?


Apologies if my commentary seems a bit curt. I'm not meaning to lash out or attack. I'm just tired and weary. I hope you actually do have something more than you've got here and do share. But experience has tainted this view.

Re: What's the point?


I'm so sorry I didn't see and respond to your questions earlier. The truth is this, among my other sites, got pushed to the back burner when I got my current job. I initially had big plans for it, but now I barely even visit it myself.

I hope this can change some day when I become more independent (job-wise) again, but I'm not sure when will that be.

I hear your concerns, and I am actually weary myself of the typical self-help guru advice. This site was supposed to be something that goes above and beyond the typical self-help advice, but I will not claim it to have everything or that it would have had everything if I continued actively working on it. It is more of an ongoing exploration starting with one core premise: eliminating self-contradiction, coercion and superstition, all of which I think are toxic to our happiness, success and achieving our full potential. The term "DoublePlusHuman" represents a person who is free of all three of these things, but such people are rare. Even I wouldn't necessarily count myself among them. However, this in no way means there are no benefits to trying. You don't have to reach a destination to get much farther than you were.

One thing to emphasize here is that unlike most I don't look at personal development as being in a vacuum in which things like political and social ideologies, as well as religion don't matter. So many self-help "gurus" seem to completely turn a blind eye to what their audience's religious or political beliefs may be, as if they don't have anything to do with how they think and how it might impact their happiness and power. Frankly, everything matters. A "DoublePlusHuman" is in cohesion with him or herself, and with the universe around him/her, and universe is a pretty big place you know, and it has its laws, and if you want to be happy you better not have conflicts with those laws. Perfect integrity is self-consistency and consistency with the universe around you.

You can read more about this on the about page, and there are other articles on this site, as well as some cool links, which might be interesting as well. I don't claim they will offer all the answers for you, but maybe you find some useful nuggets.



Daniel Memetic

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