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"DoublePlusHuman" represents an ideal towards which I believe we should all be inspired to strive for - being personally powerful individuals free of all self-contradiction, coercion and superstition. On this site I explore self improvement, personal freedom and resulting social change from a rather unique perspective. Read more.

An amazing speech given by Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder and now chairman, in which he tells three insightful stories from his life. He advises finding what you love and sticking to it, living each day as if it was your last, staying hungry and foolish (never giving in or giving up, and daring to do crazy things).

I have to admit something. I'm depressed, and have been for probably over a year. There were more positive times when I thought I'm no longer depressed and am just working my way towards solutions to my problems, but I think I was deceiving myself. See more.

This article explains the concept of a "human wildcard" as a human property that allows us to transcend boundaries typically associated with biological life forms.

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Do you ever ask yourself this question? What's the point of all this? You go to sleep knowing that tomorrow you'll likely go through the same routine again only to end up exactly where you are right now, in bed, thinking about what you should do tomorrow. Do you ever wonder if you could make anything more out of your life, anything more profound than this? See more.

Jonathan Mead of Illuminated Mind wants to start a revolution, if he hasn't already, "based on authentic action - a social movement of people liberating themselves through living on their own terms. See more.

We so often refer to "them". But who are "they"?

A crowd does not have a personality. A crowd cannot be a person. See more.

"It could easily be said that my entire life’s purpose is to live in complete congruence.

I would say that that that is your life purpose as well — and perhaps everyone’s — if we take the idea far enough."

An amazing idea.

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